Advent Angel Kindness Challenge Day 6




Hope is Here

Hope is here!

Our theme for Advent and Christmas this year is the Hope that is here in Christ Jesus.

Last year I brought a little friend to help me give the Christmas talk at the Carols – an elf on the shelf. This cute little doll quickly became the hottest new Christmas accessory for young Aussie kids. I was also introduced to a great alternative – ‘the kindness elves’ which encourage children to think about acts of kindness each day during the lead up to Christmas. This year Karen and I are excited to share with you our St Stephen’s ‘Advent Angel’. You will be able to follow what the Advent Angel is up to each day on our River Facebook page and Blog. A hard copy for the week will also be available on Sundays.

Stay tuned for our first post coming soon!

Each day during Advent our Advent Angel will share with you an Advent activity for that day – an act of kindness to share with others. On Sundays the SEEDS team will have some extra special activities such as making Christmas ornaments to share with those who live in the flats near the church and our own Advent bake sale to raise money to give hope to children overseas whose Christmas lists include so many things that most of us take for granted such as water, food and shelter. Advent gives us the opportunity to not only revisit with anticipation and hope the first coming of Jesus but also to look forward with living hope to the second. We hope that offering our children and adults (!) the opportunity to engage with Advent through these activities will enable us to live out our faith demonstrating God’s love and hope to those around us this Christmas season.   IMG_4846