The Healthy Church

This coming Sunday June 7th at 10am we begin a new series called ‘the Healthy Church’.

The Bible shows us that we were created as wholistic people in the image of God with physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social dimensions. And that in fact God has a wholistic plan of redemption. Growing to maturity in Jesus individually and together as God’s people involves wholistic health.

In week two and three of this series, with help from Peter Scazzero in his book, ‘The Emotionally Healthy Church’ we will consider the way in which emotional and spiritual health are inextricably linked. We will be encouraged to look beneath the surface of the iceberg in our lives, to break the power of how our past influences our present, to live in brokenness and vulnerability, to embrace grief and loss and to let the transforming power of the gospel transform our emotions and relationships.

This series invites us to step out onto a journey of humble self discovery and willingness to be transformed by the power of the gospel. Let us pray that that we might be strengthened to grow to be the individuals and healthy church that God has called us to be.