Dates for The River in 2013

In 2013, the River gathering is happening on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 3pm (except for December, where we meet on Christmas Eve). We always start at St. Stephen’s church (5 Stiggant St Warrandyte) and sometimes we walk down to the Yarra, sometimes we spend most of our time inside the church, and sometimes we head out to the garden for picnics and even the odd a treasure hunt or two!

The dates are as follows:

20th January

17th February

17th March

21st April

19th May

16th June

21st July

18th August

15th September

20th October

17th November

24th December (special Christmas eve children’s service)

As always, everyone is welcome – adults with kids, adults without kids, little kids, big kids, not-kids-anymore, still-acting-like-a-kid-but-maybe-shouldn’t-be, not-acting-like-a-kid-but-need-to-get-back-to-some-of-the-kid-like-wonder-and-honesty… Yep, wherever you fit, you are welcome.


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