The River flows on!

The year is flowing on faster and faster, so why not get out the diary now and commit to taking a break each month for the next three months to centre yourself on the things that matter? The River gathering and community is here to give you an opportunity to be refreshed, to give the pressures of work, family, money, friendships, health (to name a few!) over to God and to receive His truth and grace. Check out what’s happening below and please join us. It won’t be the same without you!

Sunday October 14th 2012, 3pm for River Church and Picnic

“Life on the Pale Blue Dot”

Ever seen the Voyager 1 image taken over 10 years ago of the earth? Against the vastness of space, it is minutely tiny (0.12 pixel in the image), and seemingly so insignificant. Is this the case? Where does a Creator God fit in? Come along and hear Tony Copley share on this. Join in reflections and discussions. The (little) River band will be in residence and in fine form to engage us with God through music. And to celebrate creation, there’ll be a ladybug hunt for the kids too – think chocolate, not beetle 😉 All ages and backgrounds welcome.

Sunday November 11th 2012, 3pm – SPECIAL GUEST MUSICAL ARTISTS from The Anti-Fall Movement.

The Anti-Fall Movement’s music is passionate and gritty with melodies that give you that, “I know this song” feeling. The song writers and duo front men, Paul Davies and Peter Carolane, have been inspired by the aching and yet hope filled prose of the American and British street hymn writers of the nineteenth century. Their sound ranges from the sparsity of depression era blues through to the dirty electric sound of 1970s soul rock. While they have their musical feet grounded in old America, their influences are broad.

Paul and Pete from the Progressive-rock-gospel-country group “The Anti-Fall Movement” are joining us to rock out our November River – if you like great gospel, great hymns, great rock, great blues, or just great tunes, come along! Kids welcome. Bring a bit of cash for a CD – you’ll definitely want to take one home!

Sunday December 9th 2012 3pm River Carols and Christmas Picnic

Bring family and friends to give your Christmas Spirit some sugar and spice with some laid-back carols, some great Christmas fare and a message to keep your hope alive in this crazy Christmas time. Pretty sure a walk to the River will be in order, with a basket of gingerbread for company 🙂

As always, the vibe of the River is about engaging with God and each other in relaxed, thoughtful and creative ways. We love people of all ages joining us but we’re not focused on kids ministry – or any particular demographic actually! We’re just a small but growing community of people from wherever and whatever wading in to The River that is the love, grace, truth and power of God as He is revealed in Jesus Christ. You don’t have to call yourself a Christian to come along. There are usually songs of worship and usually some prayers, definitely a bit of the Bible and probably a message of reflection on it, but everyone is welcome to participate however they feel comfortable. Newcomers, visitors, guests are always welcome. We also love to cater for allergy/dietary needs in our picnics/afternoon teas, so if you know you’re coming along and someone in your family or you need certain foods – please let me know at