Why “The River”?

We start today a series of posts about the name “The River” – why we felt that it would be a great way of describing what this new gathering is all about.

Firstly, Warrandyte the place is all about The River – the Yarra River, that is. It’s an amazing spot for people and pets to walk, swim (we and our beagles enjoyed it on a super hot day a few years ago), picnic and kayak (dogs don’t usually join in that activity, but I wouldn’t say it’s never happened) and it marks the area with a distinctive Australian beauty. People come to visit and come to live – because of the river. It attracts and refreshes. It changes throughout the year but it’s always there – and people come to receive different things at different times. It cools the air when it’s too hot and it makes the coldest day crisply beautiful.

Recently, with the significant rain we’ve had this year, the Yarra has been looking amazingly full up this way. This photo by Louis Milkovits gives you some idea! As I drive over the bridge from Research into Warrandyte each Sunday morning to lead the traditional service at St Stephen’s church, I look over and see the river flowing fast and almost bursting its banks – and I pray that for St Stephen’s. I pray that God’s grace, love and truth would flow fast and full in our lives, and would burst the banks of the gathered community into the wider communities of our lives…

So, The River – it’s Warrandyte and it’s a place of natural, attractive, refreshing beauty. Let’s be that in this new gathering by God’s abundant flowing power…


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