The River Gathering at St Stephen’s Warrandyte

It begins…

Well, it has actually been “beginning” in our minds and, I think, in the plans of God for some time! As soon as Phil and I arrived at St Stephen’s Warrandyte for me to be locum priest, we felt it would be a wonderful spot for a refreshing afternoon service to gather those who know they want to worship the living God but maybe haven’t always known how to get started or how to get motivated or how to get regular at it or how to let it make a difference in their life… or many other “how to”s!

There are stacks of opportunities in our great city to gather to worship God but that doesn’t mean we’re energised to get there and get involved, nor do we always come away refreshed with the truth of God from His word. We are praying that The River will be a place of refreshing our souls with grace and truth, renewing our faith in God who lives and reigns, repenting of our apathy in a life of love and worship, and restoring hope to our friends, family, community and world.

These are the things I know I need – maybe you need them too.

We’re starting this thing off on Sunday 13th November 2011 at 3pm at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, 5 Stiggant St, Warrandyte. It’ll be kid friendly, youth friendly, adult friendly… just friendly really. It’s going to be once a month to begin with. There’ll be food afterwards. Good music, beautiful setting, realistic chats, wriggly kids, meaningful communion, teaching that dives deeper into the Word of God, and prayer that will be honest and effective in God’s good grace. If God brings people gifted in ministering healing and one to one prayer and prophecy, we’ll do that too. If He brings people full of hospitality and service, we’ll eat at each others’ homes during the month and make meals for each other when we need it. And if He brings people who love to get out there and make a difference – you know we’re all going to get swept into that flood! 😉

Next post tomorrow – “Why The River?” See you then!


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